Donny & Marie in Las Vegas

Ooocha! The Osmond siblings have still got it!

A Quick Look


Flamingo Vegas
3555 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US
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  • Show Type: Headliner
  • Rated: G
  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Price:

Donnie and Marie Las Vegas NV

The Skinny

Donny & Marie in Las Vegas are easily the most popular brother/sister combo around, and by far the most entertaining. Donny Osmond made his first appearance on a Vegas show when he was a mere seven years old. Now, more than 40 years later, he’s still at it with his sister, Marie. Surprisingly, the charismatic couple has still got it on the Donny & Marie Show Las Vegas, singing, dancing, and making plenty of corny jabs at each other.

Quick Facts

  • Donny & Marie Las Vegas is a family friendly show for all ages (although we mostly saw a 30+ audience).
  • Donny & Marie live in Las Vegas features a custom-designed stage – one big enough to fit a sizable cast of back-up dancers.
  • The Donny & Marie Show Las Vegas first debuted as a nationally televised variety show in 1976, establishing Donny and Marie as the youngest prime time hosts in television history.


Show Dates:

Performance Times:

Tues. – Sat. 7:30pm

Running Time:
90 minutes

Flamingo Vegas
The Flamingo Showroom at Flamingo Las Vegas
3555 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
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Age Restriction:
All ages


The main attraction of the Donny & Marie Las Vegas show remains the chart-topping hit songs both Donny and Marie Osmond have collected over the years. Deceptively impressive dance moves, corny jokes and that X-factor of “charm” is also prevalent with Donny & Marie live in Las Vegas.

What To Know:

To be honest, the Donny & Marie Las Vegas show at Flamingo made for a great present to our Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jim. They loved the songs, the humor, Donny’s dance moves and Marie’s sparkly dress. We were pleasantly surprised too.

  • Family Friendly: In Vegas on the Strip, it can be hard to find such a fun show that still manages to be family friendly. Donny & Marie Las Vegas pull it off well, while still drawing enough of a crowd to stick around all these years.
  • The Hits: The humor and the dancing are nice touches, but the show still revolves around the musical talent of Donny & Marie live in Las Vegas. Oldies but goodies such as “Paper Roses”, “Make the World Go Away”, “Puppy Love” and “Deep Purple” among others are still performed as well as ever.
  • Tradition: There’s a charm about Donny & Marie that calls back to the good old days of Vegas Strip entertainment. It makes for good family tradition and reunions. Call us cheap and call us cheesy, but we have our sentimental side too!

Inside Knowledge:

After the show, both Donny and Marie come out to mingle with the crowd. Make sure to stick around long enough for this rare opportunity. You may even get your bald head kissed by Marie.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do Bring the Whole Family: You’ll be hard pressed to find something more wholesome and family-oriented than Donny & Marie Las Vegas.
  • Do Brush up on Osmond Songs: It’ll be that much better when you can sing along in your head. Get a head start on the reminiscing before you get the full dose with Donny & Marie live in Las Vegas.
  • Don’t Expect the Fountain of Youth: The crowd at Donny & Marie Las Vegas isn’t the youngest, and you have to be okay with that. This is not the place to pick up babes for the 20 something crowd. (And seriously – stop trying that.)
  • Don’t Be So Stoic: Part of the fun is letting yourself flow with the show. When they go for the emotional teary song, allow yourself to go with it. When they bust out the corny jokes, don’t think that you’re above laughing along. It’s all what you make of it.

Is it Worth It?

For certain demographics, the Donny & Marie show is undoubtedly worth the money. For two young hotshots looking for a more typical night in Vegas, not so much.