The Mac King Magic Show Las Vegas

Don’t tell my wife, but I liked Mac King better than the kids did.

A Quick Look


Harrah’s Las Vegas
3475 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US

  • Show Type: Magic
  • Rated: G
  • Dates: Ongoing
  • Price:

The Mac King Magic Show Las Vegas is a cheap and family friendly show in Vegas. Actually, it’s one of the best cheap and family shows you’ll be able to find in the land of adult comedy and booze, so don’t pass up the chance to let Mac King dazzle the kids, and the kids at heart, for a little while if you want a break from all of the guys handing out strip club promotions on the Vegas Strip.

Quick Facts

  • The Mac King Las Vegas show happens at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino twice a day, Tuesday thru Saturday.
  • The Mac King Magic Show Las Vegas is one of the best family friendly Vegas shows around.
  • In addition to getting tons of great reviews, Mac King Magic Las Vegas is a cheap comedy show, making it even better for the kids to tag along to.


Mac King Las Vegas is a magic show that is so entertaining, and unlike most things in Vegas, it doesn’t have to insult people to be funny. We like the insults that come with most shows, but we don’t really want the kids to pick up on that and start using it against us, so this is a great find.

What To Know:

The Mac King Magic Show Las Vegas has been labeled not only one of the best family friendly shows in Vegas, but one of the best shows in Vegas. Now that’s hard to beat after all the shows we see put on every night, and we’re not talking about the headliners either – but if we were, those are hard to beat too.

  • Comes Highly Recommended: Named the best affordable afternoon show in Vegas by multiple Las Vegas reviewers, including Where Magazine, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Best Read, What’s On and LVM to name a few.
  • Fun for the Whole Family: Yeah, something called Mac King Magic Show Harrah’s Las Vegas doesn’t sound like the best time you could have in Sin City, but it was your idea to bring the kids along after all. Might as well keep them entertained. We won’t tell anyone that the reason you’re going is because you’re the biggest fan either. Use the kids as an excuse; everyone else does.
  • Cheapo Favorite: Mac King Magic Las Vegas is one of the most entertaining shows that you can spend your money on, and luckily, you won’t be spending all that much of it, because it’s one of the cheapest Vegas shows money can buy. Other than maybe people-watching when the club closes. That’s fun and free, but leave the kids home from that one unless you’re ready to see pictures of them doing the same thing 10 years from now all over the Internet.

Inside Knowledge:

Mac King Las Vegas started back in 2000 as a two-year contract and has been such a success that it’s been extended over and over again. Right now, he’s got the spot booked through 2015.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do Get an Autograph: After the show, Mac King Las Vegas audience memebers get to meet up with the man himself for an autograph.
  • Do Bring the Kids: The main audience for the Mac King Magic Las Vegas is the children after all. This is one Vegas show you won’t have to leave your children in the hotel to see.
  • Don’t Overpay: There are lots of discounted tickets for this already-cheap Vegas show. Get the best deal possible!
  • Don’t Buy Tickets if You’re Boozing: You can get tickets for free when you buy a drink for right around $10. This makes every show even funnier anyways though, right?

Is it Worth It?

Yep. It’s a cheap show, plus it’s constantly rated as one of the best shows in all of Vegas.