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With all the cash I save on Nite Tours I can buy Casino Girl a drink… if only she would stop ignoring me.

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Las Vegas Nite Tours has figured out how to party in style at nightclubs in Las Vegas by skipping the lines, the cover and the stress of partying in Las Vegas! Check out the hottest nightclubs in Vegas without dealing with the logistics of the night with Las Vegas Nite Tours.

Quick Facts

  • No lines, no cover, and amazing drink specials!
  • FREE beverages on the party bus in between clubs!
  • Package options vary, so it’s easy to find the perfect party. From lounges to nightclubs, Nite Club Tours Las Vegas style has everyone partying.
  • If you happen to be in Las Vegas during a holiday (any holiday- really), a Nite Tour’s Special Theme Tour is the way to go. Theme tours include Break Your Resolution, Halloween Spooktacular, and Happy Everything!


Party in style with no lines, no covers, and incredible drink specials. Nite Tours in Las Vegas provides easy access to the hottest lounges and nightclubs on the strip, so don’t be a lame-o and party like you never have before. Cheap partying with VIP style? This is one party tour company that Casino Boy can get on board with!

Why We Go:

Las Vegas means incredible partying, so why not do it in style, and without stress? Not only is the entrance covered and the line skipped, but it’s done in style. The party experts at Las Vegas Nite Tours know what they are doing, so be sure to have a wild night on one of their party crawls.

  • More for Your Money: Get the best for your buck in sin city with Las Vegas Nite Tours. Swanky lounges, stylish nightclubs, and transportation in an awesome party bus? Yes, please. Partying in Las Vegas can get pricey, and Casino Boy would rather party until the break of dawn with Las Vegas Nite Tours.
  • Lines and Covers are for Suckers: Who likes paying to party and standing in long lines (in stilettos? No thank you.). Walk right past those long lines and strut into the clubs without forking up the cash. Party like a celebrity without paying the prices.
  • Hottest Nightclubs in Las Vegas: Don’t miss the action at the best nightclubs with Nite Tours in Las Vegas. From lounges like LILY Lounge to nightclubs like PURE and BODY ENGLISH. Party the night away at the most happening night clubs and lounges in Vegas.

Inside Knowledge:

Nite Tours boasts partying all over the world…so they really have figured out the recipe for a perfect night (one part booze, two parts dancing, and a pinch of salt to taste, right?). From Ibiza to London, Nite Tours has partied all over the world.

We Recommend:

  • Do say goodbye to single life: Do a bachelor/bachelorette party right with Nite Tours in Las Vegas. Custom parties with Nite Tours is the way to go for one last big night before married life.
  • Do dress to kill: Don’t be denied at the door (embarrassing), and be sure to dress the part. Men need to be in pants/slacks, dress shoes and a button down collared shirt. Ladies, strap on those heels and slip into that cocktail dress you’ve been waiting to wear.
  • Don’t guzzle a bottle of Grey Goose: Unless you can handle it, of course. Nite Tours in Las Vegas is not responsible for denied entry due to disruptive behaviour, and they charge a cleaning fee for any alcoholic mishaps in the party bus. Just keep it under control.
  • Don’t get left behind (unless you want to): Las Vegas Nite Tours runs on a strict schedule, so don’t miss the party bus. You can leave the tour and join again later, as long as you keep your wristband.

Is It Worth It?

No lines, hot clubs, and one wild night? Yes, it’s worth it. Plus Nite Tours is reasonably priced, so don’t fret the money spent. This nightlife tour in Las Vegas boasts good times and an awesome deal, and is beyond worth it.