The Deuce Lounge Vegas

Well, you’d think the Aria would require a classier name, but deuces, at least the furniture’s trendy.

A Quick Look


ARIA Las Vegas
3730 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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  • Type: Lounge
  • Dress: Keep it classy, and no shorts allowed.
  • Price:
  • Casino Boy’s Rating: 3

The Deuce Lounge might sound like somewhere your idiot high school boyfriend and his friends hang out at on a Saturday night, but it’s actually a fancy shmancy lounge in the Aria. People here are usually dressed nicely and smell good and order martinis and talk about Ryan Gosling.

Quick Facts

  • The Deuce Lounge Las Vegas is in the Aria, right off the casino floor.
  • The Deuce Lounge Vegas is composed of classy and elegant decor but is still comfortable. Plus it’s open from late afternoon to early morning. The couches are tempting for napping at any of the times. Don’t try though, they don’t like it.
  • The Deuce Lounge Las Vegas is a lounge by The Light Group.


The Deuce Lounge Las Vegas in the Aria is right off the casino floor. All the couches and chairs are chic and modern, and as comfortable as modern things can be. It’s the perfect place for people watching through the casino for hours, which we love to do, especially since it usually takes that long to get our refill.

Why We Go:

The Vegas Deuce Lounge is a nice place in the Aria to sit and chill before a night out in Vegas, to enjoy instead of a night out in Vegas, or to simmer down after a long night out.

  • Good Deals: There are plenty of buy-one-get-one drink tickets floating around out there for The Deuce Lounge in Vegas. Find a promoter, and you won’t have to walk around to much to find them, because they crawl like ants all over the Aria, and we love it!
  • Solid Crowd: Unlike many of the clubs, the nightclubs, the strip clubs, the Sam’s Club, there are even numbers of men to women all enjoying their drinks at The Deuce Lounge Vegas. Everyone gets in, and everyone’s there to enjoy themselves and their groups, but there’s a bit of mingling going on too. So go ahead and introduce yourself to the table of cougars next to you and you might even get a better deal that any promoter could get you.
  • Groovy Tunes: The Deuce Lounge Vegas has a DJ that sometimes spins until 3 in the morning. We like places where we can bust a move but still have a place to sit.

Inside Knowledge:

Word on the street is that even though the Deuce Lounge Las Vegas has blackjack tables, the private room usually has a $500 minimum per table. We don’t know anything about big money like that, and we hope it’s a lie.

Do’s And Don’ts:

  • Do Gamble a Little: The Deuce Lounge in Vegas has a few blackjack tables in here. Dim lighting plus a bit of alcohol, especially two for one drinks, is the perfect setting for gambling when there isn’t a big casino around. Wait a minute…
  • Do Wear Pants: This might be a good idea everywhere you go, but especially here. They don’t like shorts in their lounge, so try to avoid wearing them. The Deuce Lounge Las Vegas doesn’t care what kind of pants you’re wearing, just as long as you’re covering up those hairy legs. Yes ladies, we’re talking about you.
  • Don’t Expect Small Talk: The bartenders aren’t known to be overly friendly and outgoing, plus the place can get kind of crowded and they have plenty of people to attend to. The Deuce Lounge Las Vegas sometimes only has a limited waitstaff working as well, and the pretty waitresses have better people with more money to shmooze up to than us Cheapos.
  • Don’t Miss a Deal: There are so many two for one drink coupons out there for The Deuce Lounge Vegas it would be a shame for you to pay full price for one when you can get two for the same price. You do the math. That’s half the price!

Is It Worth It?

It’s a good spot to chill for a little while, especially if you get a 2-for-1 deal.

The Deuce Lounge Vegas Amenities

  • Bar Food
  • Bottle Service
  • Full Bar
  • Premier Location
  • Small Atmosphere
  • Wine Bar
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Accepts Reservations