The Improv at Harrah’s

I don’t know if I would call it improv, but I definitely let out a few cackles.

A Quick Look


Harrah’s Las Vegas
3475 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US

  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Rated: R
  • Dates: 1998 – Ongoing
  • Price:

The Improv at Harrah’s is known to feature budding comedians. Sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy the stand up comedy! That guy you see on stage may be on the big screen in the near future … He also may serve you your dinner at some point, too. Ah, the life of a comedian …

Quick Facts

  • Harrah’s Improv Las Vegas opened its doors in the mid 1990s, however, the original first opened in 1963 as a gathering area where Broadway performers could hang out, drink some coffee, and sing a few songs to each other.
  • The signature brick wall at Harrah’s Improv Las Vegas hails from the NYC original. The previous tenants left red wall coverings from their unsuccessful Vietnamese restaurant. After founder Budd Friedmen tore down the wall coverings, it turned out he knew squat about drywalling so he left the exposed brick wall.
  • If you’re feeling fancy and want some front row VIP seating, the extra money will score you a free Improv t-shirt.


Las Vegas Improv at Harrah’s features the iconic brick wall, single standing microphone, and Yamaha keyboard. The center front rows are all VIP seating while the leftover seats are for the rest us. When the comedians come out, Harrah’s Improv Las Vegas is filled with roaring laughter and guest members gasping for air.

What To Know:

Your thirty bucks may not get you a glimpse of your all-time favorite comedian at Harrah’s Improv Las Vegas, but it will ensure you a funny night out filled with laughter.

  • Variety: Three new comedians perform each week inside The Improv at Harrah’s. The constant change provides a unique and hilarious show for guests.
  • Alternative Fun: Sin City is known for those crazy nightclubs, cocktails half the size of your body, and some good old gambling. But, what if you’re not into any of that? Vegas Comedy Shows are famous and known to make you cry tears of laughter, especially if you’re not up for sitting in a smokey casino.
  • Ultimate Classic: Who wouldn’t want to spend a night out laughing your arses off at The Improv at Harrah’s? This classic comedy club was home to some of your favorite stand up comedians. Show a little love for Harrah’s Improv Las Vegas.

Inside Knowledge:

The comedians usually kick it outside the venue after the show. Chat it up with them to see if you can score a few free jokes.

Do’s And Don’ts:

  • Do Find a Coupon: There are tons of coupons floating around Las Vegas for The Improv at Harrah’s. Why pay for two tickets at the Las Vegas Improv at Harrah’s when you can buy one, get one free?
  • Do Come Early: Las Vegas Improv at Harrah’s is know to have spotty service. Be sure to come early to get everything situated before the rest of the audience arrives!
  • Don’t Be Afraid: Sitting close to the stage at Las Vegas Improv at Harrah’s can be terrifying because well, you don’t want to be the bud of the jokes. Only sit up front if you have thick skin, like Casino Boy.
  • Don’t Buy Drinks: Las Vegas Improv at Harrah’s is known to have ridiculously expensive drinks served in plastic cups! Be sure to grab a few drinks in your hotel room before the show.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, definitely one of the more affordable comedy shows!