Rao’s Las Vegas

Wow, those meatballs really are the size of my fist!

A Quick Look


Caesars Palace Vegas
570 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, US

  • Cuisine: Italian & Pizza
  • Hours: Mon.- Fri. 5pm- 12pm.
  • Price:

After a long day of shopping or gambling or both, be sure to make your way to Rao’s Restaurant Las Vegas. Your meal will cost a good chunk of money at Rao’s Italian Cuisine Las Vega,s but snatch up this dining opportunity because others wait up to a year to eat these home-style Italian dishes at their New York branch.

Quick Facts

  • Rao’s  Las Vegas was deigned to replicate the original Rao’s in New York City. The original charm, taste and overall experience is mirrored well in Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas.
  • Diners eagerly sign up for year long waits to eat at one of the ten tables at the original restaurant. Luckily, Las Vegas tourists have a better chance at snagging a seat since Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas added additional seating.
  • Although Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas hasn’t been around long enough to have regular weekly customers, the original Rao’s gives standing reservations to families who have been loyal customers for decades.

The Environment:

Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas is simply charming. It replicates the original saloon perfectly but offers customers a little more room to stretch their legs and an overlooking view of the Strip, perfect for people-watching. Although Rao’s Restaurant Las Vegas is roomier than the original, the elegance, simplicity and coziness are not lacking at their Las Vegas branch.

Why We Dine:

Although the allure of eating at the famous Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas is enough reason to drag us away from the roulette table, the ambiance and delicious food may not be worth the expensive check if all you’re looking for is a hot dog and can of soda.

  • Helpful Staff: Service is either fantastic or horrible (let’s hope you get fantastic) at Rao’s Vegas. The staff members work efficiently and are always there to recommend personal favorites and popular dishes at Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas.
  • Romantic Setting: Well, it isn’t exclusive to only couples but it is a fancy place perfect to take a date or your significant other. The noise level is relatively low so don’t plan to bring your noisy kids and ruin it for the rest of the customers. The servers and Italian charm at Rao’s Las Vegas definitely make you and your party feel like you’re the only table in the restaurant.
  •  Home Cooked Cuisine: Hmmm, Italian food wouldn’t necessarily be a home cooked meal for everyone but Rao’s Las Vegas delivers on the home style Italian cooking. The pastas and those famous meatballs are hearty, comforting, and most of all filling!

Inside Knowledge:

Unfortunately, not all diners can get reservations at the original Rao’s in New York City. However, waitresses at Rao’s Las Vegas have been known to give out inside tips on how get a seat at the New York branch. Do tell us how it goes!

We Recommend:

  • Veal:  Yum; baby cow! The veal dishes at Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas come in an array of ways. Such as seared with peppers, breaded, or cooked in wine. Be sure to take it easy on the ordering since each dish can cost you up to fifty bucks!
  • Uncle Vincent’s Famous Lemon Chicken: Unlike those super fancy veal dishes, this classic dish is about half the price. Rao’s Caesars Palace Las Vegas will charbroil your chicken to perfection and serve it with a nice helping of Uncle Vincent’s lemon sauce.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re on a budget and all you want is a standard plate of spaghetti, go ahead and skip out on this place.

Rao’s Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Full Bar
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Take-Out Available
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Valet Parking