Vegas Tips; The Top Mistakes People Make in Vegas and How To Avoid Them

Vegas Tips; The Top Mistakes People Make in Vegas and How To Avoid Them

So many of us go to Vegas thinking we’re a hot shot, ready to win some money and score some babes. (#pipedream) Some people just don’t plan for the added fees and shenanigans of Sin City. Here are some tips for a Vegas vacation to help you avoid all the common mistakes people make in Vegas…

Not Sticking to Your Budget:

Before you go to Vegas, you save your money and give yourself a limit, right? That’s what Casino Boy does, which is how he gets so much done all the time. (Gambling, drinking, etc.) Here are his three biggies: Pay for your hotel in advance, give yourself a budget, and stick to it. Granted, these Vegas tips seem easy, but sweet temptation lurks around every corner!

  • Don’t let the temptation of the comped drinks you get while gambling feel like you’re saving money. (You aren’t.)
  • Don’t let all your drinks at happy hour sway you into thinking you can drink just as much all night at the club. (You can’t.)
  • Don’t feel like you need to go to a fancy, famous restaurant for every meal. There are plenty of cheapo eats scattered about! (You knew this already, but it’s worth mentioning again.)

Not Learning the Rules of the Game:

Don’t expect to make your fortune if you don’t know the game. Or if you don’t know it as well as the people you’re playing with.

  • Vegas Casinos with beginners lessons include the Imperial PalaceCircus Circus and Excalibur; all have lessons every day during the week. For some Off-Strip action, check out beginner lessons at Boulder StationPalace Station or Sunset Station. Lots of stations there, and none of them for gas, unless those smelly locals are back again, which let’s face it, they probably are! But they can be better sports to play with than the sharks on the Strip.
  • The Las Vegas low limit casinos are a good place to go from there.
  • The best players in Vegas go to Aria at CityCenter and Caesars Palace. Pretty much all the upscale gaming Las Vegas casinos will have a few great players eager to take your money, and you’ll need plenty of Las Vegas tips that us cheapos just don’t know about if you’re dipping your toes into these waters.

Booking It All Wrong:

Vegas is full of regret, and most of it starts before you even get there. How many people have you talked to that booked a hotel in Vegas and then said they spent all their time in a different Vegas hotel, wish they had stayed closer to certain attractions, or regret that they didn’t book enough in advance to take advantage of all the discounts. And trust us – Las Vegas hotel discounts are available everywhere.

  • Why would you wait until you’re in Sin City and desperately seeking sleep to find a Vegas hotel to stay for the night? Book your room in advance to find the best hotels near Vegas attractions you’re actually planning on seeing.
  • Find the best deals on Vegas hotel rooms so that you’re not stuck over-paying for a room that you won’t even be able to take a bubble bath in. Yuck, no thanks! This is one of the Vegas travel tips that just can’t be stressed enough. In addition to hotels,Vegas promo codes can save you on clubs, restaurants and attractions – check out package deals for the most inclusive Vegas savings.
  • Do your research and be aware of the resort fees the hotel you want to stay at charges. Those Vegas resort fees are the most common killer of fun on the first day of all vacations. This is a proven fact; it’s called science, people.
  • Not Checking a Map? Bad Move. Everyone tells you that you can walk everywhere on the Strip. Umm, no. If you’re planning on staying at Mandalay Bay, but want to eat dinner at the Wynn every night, you’re in for a surprise if you think you’ll be able to walk to your dinner reservation 10 minutes from now. (Okay, we know that you wouldn’t actually want to do this, this is just a dramatic metaphor to make a point!) If you think that staying at the Stratosphere will put you “close enough” to the Strip to go hang out there all night and then drunkenly mosey your way back on up the way, wrong again. Check out a Vegas Strip map before you plan your activities.

Not Staying Hydrated:

Lots of drinking, lots of dancing, and plenty of pool parties – that’s how Las Vegas does. But make sure you’re drinking a little water there, too. The good news is that there are usually guys with coolers offering $1 waters all over the Strip, so this one’s on you, Cheapos!

Missing the Best Parts:

If you stay cooped up in the casino the entire time, can you really say that you’ve been to Las Vegas? Sure, other than the casinos, all of the best Vegas travel guides will point you to the much acclaimed Vegas nightlife and famous Vegas restaurants, but there are so many more things to see and do here!

  • Red Rock Mountain Canyon is for the outdoors-y types, just past the Red Rock Casino. It’s $3 for a one day pass for each vehicle and it will be well worth the drive out for the hiking, or even just the views from the car.
  • Of Course there is the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, and all the Vegas tips you need for this day-long destination can be found when you join a tour.
  • And don’t feel cheap looking for the best value things to do in Vegas. They are everywhere, and probably more fun than the things you’ll pay oodles for, with a lot less old women snarking at you for carrying a flask and tripping over your own feet.

So there you have it. All the mistakes that the dummies that came before you made, and possibly you yourself on previous trips, but also, Las Vegas tips for your next trip to Sin City. You don’t have to live with all the regrets that so many do. (And we’ve been there – trust us.) Unfortunately, we will not be able to prevent the regrets of the Vegas hookups, but if you need a pat on the shoulder and a drinking buddy to wash that little memory away, Casino Boy is always available!

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