35 Steaks & Martinis Las Vegas

35 day old steak? I never would have guessed!

A Quick Look


Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
4455 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, US

  • Cuisine: Steak & Seafood
  • Hours: Sun.-Thu.6pm-10pm & Fri.-Sat.6pm-12am
  • Price:

35 Steaks & Martinis Las Vegas asks guests to “unbutton their culinary inhibitions and discover the premier resort’s dining destination.” That’s cool. We really just want a steak, though.

Quick Facts

  • 35 Steaks & Martinis Las Vegas is a steakhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
  • 35 Steaks & Martinis Vegas is named after their 35 ounce ribeye for two.
  • 35 Steaks & Martinis Steakhouse Las Vegas has a full menu of creative, and very girly, martinis. Pink and green and fruity delights!

The Environment:

When you walk into 35 Steaks & Martinis Steakhouse Las Vegas, you’re greeted with lots of chrome and glass. No real people greet you usually, although that one girl will take you to your seat. That’s kind of a greeting. At least you can enjoy your meal in this artsy fartsy restaurant and not have to worry about being badgered by overly-polite and chipper waitresses.

Why We Dine:

35 Steaks & Martinis Vegas is known for their steak and martinis. Well, they aren’t really known well, but those who do know them, or those who can read, know that’s what this place is about.

  • Tomahawk Steak: What a name! a 35-day aged, 35-ounce prime steak. This steak is $100. We’re pretty sure if they left if out for 35 days, and carved a 35 ounce steak, they should stick to the tradition and only charge $35. But they don’t.
  • Prime Time Wine: There’s an extensive wine list at 35 Steaks & Martinis Las Vegas, and on that, they have awarded a few as the “Wines that Rock.” Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin labels go to the best of the best on this menu. But really, what do rockers know about wine? Not really sure if we trust their judgment on these titles. (Also, if you a Nickeback wine on the menu, run for your life!)
  • Influenced By The King: Just one other great thing about the number 35? Well, that would be that it was the year Elvis Presley blessed this world with his presence. And to commemorate this blessed angel’s birth, he gets his own dessert at 35 Steaks & Martinis Vegas. “The King of Desserts,” has bananas, a peanut butter ice cream, and can be topped, as an option, with chocolate covered bacon. Elvis lyrics are engraved on the back of the dessert menu and pictures of him are scattered throughout the restaurant. Talk about a tribute…

Inside Knowledge:

35 Steaks & Martinis Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is formerly Rare 120. If you ever ate at that restaurant, the atmosphere, food and people are all pretty much the same. The whole “I’m too cool to give a damn” vibe will never leave this place.

We Recommend:

  • Martini Tuesdays: $5 specialty martinis and any SKYY vodka cocktail from 5pm to 10 pm every Tuesday night in the 35 Steaks & Martinis Vegas Bar & Lounge. There’s a whole menu of specialty martinis, which for us real drinkers roughly translates to a list of reasons you should never drink martinis with more than two ingredients. But for everyone else, drink up. And for you drinking snobs, they’re $5. Get over it.
  • Asparagus: It’s about the only side that will never let you down. Unless you really hate asparagus. Then maybe opt for no side at all.

Is it Worth It?

There are better places to eat for this kind of money.

35 Steaks & Martinis Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Wine Bar
  • Late Dining
  • Full Bar