THE Steak House Las Vegas

A great steak house in Circus Circus? Who woulda thunk it?


Circus Circus Las Vegas
2880 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US
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  • Cuisine: Steak & Seafood
  • Hours: Mon. – Fri. & Sun. 5pm – 10pm, Sat. 5pm – 11pm
  • Price:

THE Steak House at Circus Circus is a diamond in the rough.  The diamond being the huge “petite” prime-rib, and the rough being, well, Circus Circus.  After walking through the dirty smoke-filled casino, come in to THE Steak House at Circus Circus and enjoy the best steak in Vegas at this old-school style steak house.

Quick Facts

  • For over 20 years, THE Steak House at Circus Circus has been voted The Best Steakhouse in Las Vegas.  Now that’s impressive!
  • THE Steak House Las Vegas uses only the highest quality Midwestern beef, aged 21 days in a glass aging room.  Fancy shmancy!
  • THE Steak House at Circus Circus is still going strong after 20 years on The Strip.  THE Steak House Las Vegas was voted Zagat’s 2011 Top Steak House in Las Vegas.

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The Environment:

THE Steak House Circus Circus Las Vegas is a classic steak house, that means you vegetarians out there probably won’t like it.  The aging room is actually visible so you can see the meat hung up and aging before being devoured by us carnivores.  Too bad we can’t get one of those in our man-cave.  If you can get passed the dingy Circus Circus casino, THE Steak House Las Vegas is actually pretty cool.  It’s old-school with a dark atmosphere, just how the Rat Pack would have liked it.

Why We Dine:

We like meat and you can’t get a better steak in Vegas than THE Steak House at Circus Circus.  Plus, it gives us an excuse to hang out in Circus Circus, the smelly little brother of all the big fancy Vegas Strip casinos.

  • Size Matters: Have you seen the size of the steaks at THE Steak House Las Vegas?  It’s enough to feed a horse or a couple hungover loufs like ourselves.
  • The Manly Vibe: We’re men, big burly manly men.  Of course we like being able to look at our food hanging on hooks as we walk in.  We feel tough just sitting in THE Steak House fine dining Las Vegas.  Hope they make a good Pink Tartini.
  • Early Dining Deals: THE Steak House at Circus Circus has an early dining menu that includes $5 wines and half-price cocktails.  So, take a date and tell her you have a health problem that requires you eat by 6pm.  How convenient?

Inside Knowledge:

The petite cuts at THE Steak House Circus Circus Las Vegas are HUGE.  They are basically the size of your face, so don’t hurt yourself eating one.

We Recommend:

  • Fillet Mignon: Grilled to perfection on a Mesquite Charcoal Broiler, the thick, juicy fillet melts in your mouth.  The subtle mesquite flavor is the ideal accent to aged, high-quality meat.  Served with fresh baked bread, vegetables, soup or salad, and your choice of baked potato, garlic mashed potato, or wild rice.
  • Australian Lobster Tails: We are fully against eating seafood at a steak house but Australian Lobster Tails are amazing.  If you can afford the 75 bucks, go for it!

Is it Worth It?

As long as you aren’t a vegetarian, YES!

THE Steak House Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Business Dining
  • Easy Parking
  • Full Bar
  • Happy Hour
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Parking Structure
  • Kid Friendly