FIX Las Vegas

Well gosh! For a restaurant that isn’t good for children they’ve sure got the kids-sized portions down pat!

A Quick Look


Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, US

  • Cuisine: Steak & Seafood
  • Hours: Sun.-Thu. 5pm-11pm, Fri.-Sat. 5pm-1am
  • Price: 

FIX Restaurant and Bar is a Bellagio restaurant with good ol’ American cuisine. FIX Las Vegas has a casual open setting to enjoy a drink and do some people watching, or enjoy a small meal with friends. And don’t worry, with these small portions and high prices, blowing your diet won’t be an issue at this Vegas restaurant.

Quick Facts

  • FIX Restaurant and Bar is a trendy Vegas destination for deep pockets and shallow stomachs.
  • Unlike many Bellagio restaurants, FIX does not have a dress code. Feel free to express yourself. Get used to it, because you’ll have to express your concerns to the bank once you get home from eating here.

Restaurant Website:

Restaurant Menu:

The Environment:

FIX Restaurant Las Vegas attracts mostly a young, hip crowd, and has been known to host some international and local celebrities.  Located right by the Bellagio Shops, FIX Las Vegas can be a way to start your night, or a place to finish your day. The dress code is casual, so if you’ve been walking around Vegas all day in your vacation shorts and sandals, FIX at Bellagio Las Vegas – unlike many Bellagio restaurants – will still welcome you (and your wallet) with open arms.

Why We Dine:

More than anything, FIX Las Vegas is a great place for groups to meet before a wild Vegas night. The portions aren’t enough to make you bloat up before your big night, so you can maintain that vacation physique you worked so hard for all these weeks.

  • Social Setting: FIX Restaurant and Bar is a great place to meet friends for cocktails or a small bite.  The great location with the Vegas nightlife scene right around the corner makes FIX Restaurant Las Vegas a place where you can sit down and stay a while before a night out on the town, and trust us – you do stay a while after you sit down.
  • Cool Decor: The “organic setting” FIX at Bellagio Las Vegas has created makes for a trendy yet comfortable place to enjoy a cocktail or tiny meal among friends. But then you get the check and you pay like you’ve been dining among kings, and they didn’t even give you the royal treatment.
  • Very Adult Mac & Cheese: Don’t be fooled, this is not your mother’s mac & cheese. They look like mozzarella sticks, but it’s macaroni and cheese with 4 different types of cheeses, fried and served up on a platter. At FIX Restaurant Las Vegas, all three sticks that you get in a serving are very rich, and you’ll have to be rich too in order to get enough to actually fill you up.

Inside Knowledge:

If you’re looking to drop a lot of money on a little meal, FIX Restaurant Las Vegas is definitely the place for you. If you’re actually hungry and want a meal that reflects the price you’re paying for it, this may not be your best bet.

We Recommend:

  • Lobster Tacos: Small but satisfying, and satisfying as in they that taste good, not that they fill you up. You wouldn’t even know taco shells were made as small as they are at FIX Restaurant Las Vegas, but they are filled with lobster and mango and served up right. This is a great appetizer to start with, but don’t expect to get more than a few bites in if you’re sharing this plate with a group.
  • Not Coming Hungry: Either be prepared to pay a lot, as in order more than a few dishes, or plan on having a pre-dinner snack. The portions at FIX Las Vegas are smaller than you would think they’d be when looking at the prices on the menu, so don’t come here starving. FIX Restaurant Las Vegas is more of a snacking and watering hole, not a feeding frenzy in the lion’s den.

Is It Worth It?

You might be better off spending your dough on something else, like real dough… enough to actually fill you up.

FIX Las Vegas Restaurant Amenities

  • Full Bar
  • Late Dining
  • Private Room
  • Private Parties
  • Premier Location
  • Pre-Theater
  • Prix Fixe Menu
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Valet Parking