“Best-of” Mandalay Bay: An All-Inclusive Las Vegas Experience

“Best-of” Mandalay Bay: An All-Inclusive Las Vegas Experience

Who needs a “Best-of” list, when one place has it all? Casino Boy loves a well rounded Las Vegas experience, but he hates the hassle of running all over the Strip. What’s a Cheapo to do? Book at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, that’s what.

Okay, we get it. You really like those “Best-of” lists. So you can have on anyway. Here’s our “Best-of Mandalay Bay” list, so you can book your Las Vegas getaway without the fuss of, you know, planning and stuff.

1) First and foremost, The Rooms: Mandalay Bay’s “Standard” rooms are larger than average, weighing in at 550 square feet or more. That’s almost double the size of an upscale apartment in New York City, helloooo! Guests will also enjoy fancy bathrooms with large tubs to soak in at the end of the day, and a separate shower for when you’re done stewing in your own juices (not judging – we get it, it feels nice. Maybe try the spa while you’re at it.). Not big enough? Upgrade to a stay in Mandalay Bay Las Vegas’ THEHotel for a whopping 725 square foot room, and vacation like the king that you are. Remember that kings don’t need to steal the extra fancy shampoo and conditioner bottles from their hotel rooms, you Cheapo.

2) Not sold yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got a ways to go. The Casino: Allow me to take a moment and say…Duh. It’s not a Vegas vacation if you don’t hit up the slots, and thankfully the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino has plenty. No, seriously. Mandalay has over 2,000 machines, from mere pennies to $100 per spin. Ante-up and spend the big bucks, c’mon. Better yet: While the focus at Mandalay is on slots (meaning you’re not going to find as many video poker games), they have a huge variety including machines based on popular TV shows. So go find your favorite, and we won’t tell your friends you hit up the Toddlers in Tiaras machine (…..Ugh, we really hope that’s not a real machine).

3)  The Shows: “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you’re telling yourself, “Vegas shows are a dime a dozen on the Strip, there’s no way Mandalay has the one I want to see.” Well, you’re probably wrong. And if you’re not, consider revising your taste in entertainment. Mandalay Bay is home to House of Blues, one of the most famous music venues in the world, so odds are you’ll catch a show you like. Mandalay Bay Entertainment also hosts Las Vegas’ production of Disney’s The Lion King, one of the most popular musical theater productions of all time. And it’s family-friendly to boot!

4) Better than Card Sharks, The Shark Reef Aquarium: A permanent exhibit at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, this aquarium holds about 1.6 million gallons of water which is home to over 2,000 animals. Yowza. These include sawfish, giant rays, endangered green sea turtles, jellyfish, piranha, over 30 kinds of sharks and the rare golden crocodile. Feeling brave? If you’re dive certified, you can make a reservation to dive in the tank and swim with the sharks. Or make like Casino Boy and just watch the poor fools who try from the outside of the tank. Okay, that was pretty mean, but you can feel better knowing this: Mandalay’s Shark Reef is dedicated to conservation and preservation, and offers a comprehensive educational program.

5) Don’t Forget The Food: Casino Boy is a growing young man (ha!) which means he needs to eat well. Good thing Mandalay Bay has a number of in-house restaurants. Scope out the eats at at the upscale Mix, or drag the family along to the Border Grill. Wherever you end up, remember that you’ve got tons of options with a variety of atmospheres and cuisines. Border Grill has a Mexican flair while Rick Moonen’s focuses on steak & seafood. Lupo’s on the other hand serves up some mean Italian dishes. Whatever you’re craving, it’s on the menu.

6) Cap Off the Night at one of Mandalay’s Clubs: Five seemed like a good, solid number to end at but we just couldn’t leave out the clubs at Mandalay Bay Resort. Forgot to book tickets to see a show? Catch some a performerance at the LIGHT Nightclub, just keep in mind the cover charge ($40-50 for men, $20 for the ladies) is a more expensive. Skip the cover altogether at Eyecandy Lounge, or have a less expensive and more laid back time at the Mix Lounge.

If you plan your Las Vegas vacation at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino there’s really no reason to even leave your hotel. But of course, if you have to, at least Mandalay Bay is centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip. Go ahead, book with Mandalay. You’ll thank us later.

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