Best Video Poker in Vegas

The Palms

The Palms would be called “The Video Poker Machines” if the location name came down to the number of each.

Off-Strip Video Poker Galore

These Off-Strip joints are probably your best bet for large variety and cheap minimums. No guarantee on making money.

Silverton Casino

The variety of video poker games available makes this joint a yearly favorite for the best video poker in Vegas award.

Downtown Vegas Video Poker

Notice that the World Series of Poker never features video poker? No one wants to watch someone play video poker.

Off-Strip Video Poker Galore

In many ways, video poker Vegas is a lost art. People think that they’re all the same, just a more boring but cheaper way to lose your money. But au contraire mon frere! There is a definite distinction between the run-of-the-mill Vegas video poker locations and the best video poker in Vegas.

  • The Palms: Slots from a nickel on up. There is an insane number of the newer video slot machines and more dollar slots than should be allowed to legally assemble in one place, about 2,000 total. There’s a lot of nickels, too.
  • LVH Las Vegas Hotel and Casino: From those silly pennies through the sky. Video poker is much improved in recent years with decent full pay. They don’t offer full-pay double bonus, but they do provide full-pay video poker, even at five cents.
  • Silverton Casino: Over 1,000 machines that include a wide variety of nickels and a bunch of video poker Vegas machines. This place definitely caters to the nickel/quarter players, and there is just about every variation of video slots in those denominations.

Downtown Vegas Video Poker

Video poker Las Vegas is a staple of the Downtown gambling scene. While basically every casino offers some variety of the iconic machines, the following is our take on the best video poker in Vegas.

  • El Cortez Vegas: From a nickel to the big bucks. Solid nickel and quarter video poker, plenty of full pay, and thanks to renovations, a spacious playing floor.
  • Main Street Station Casino: A decent selection of video poker Vegas machines. Most of the video poker isn’t exactly full-pay, but there are a few hidden gems. Plus, everyone’s favorite penny video reel slots.
  • Fitzgeralds Las Vegas: Despite a relatively small array of full-pay video poker, they still make our list due to their fantastic Nickel Zone.
  • California Las Vegas Casino: The video poker is fair, and there are a few full-pay machines. The constant action and popularity of the machines gets the California on our list of best video poker in Vegas.

For the socially awkward, anti-social, or just downright reclusive gambler, Las Vegas video poker can be a haven of fun for hours upon hours. It can be fun for awhile for the rest of us too. Although we wouldn’t break the bank to seek out these video poker spots, sometimes all you need is a tie-breaker.

Whether you’re looking for a less stressful poker playing experience or just prefer to avoid the weirdos at the poker table, video poker Vegas is a fine substitute. However, not all Las Vegas video poker collections are created equal.

The best video poker in Vegas usually offers plenty of full-pay and cheap video poker machines. Spacious rooms and a vibrant atmosphere are also pluses.

Video poker Las Vegas is probably best found Downtown and Off-Strip, but you never know where you will find a hidden gem machine. Everyone will claim to have the loosest slots, but that is an inexact science.

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