Downtown Las Vegas Map

Between the Fremont Experience and the old Las Vegas charm, Downtown Las Vegas is where Vegas insiders and locals come to party, and this Downtown Las Vegas map can help guide you to all of the best, and cheapest, attractions to give you just the Vegas experience you came to find. Well, you’re in Sin City, so really the only thing you can expect is the unexpected, but at least you’ll expect not to end up in the ghetto. Or worse, a restaurant without a full bar or show where everyone keeps their shirts on. Yikes! But if that’s what you’re looking for, Cheapo Vegas can help you find some of those too.

If you’ve never strayed from the Las Vegas Strip before this map of Downtown Vegas may just be your trip’s savior! Check out our Downtown Las Vegas map to see all of the best Downtown Vegas hotels. Click on each little hotel icon on the map of Downtown Las Vegas to see more about the hotel, check out some sweet Las Vegas coupons and helpful user reviews.