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Club Palms – We Got Game…

Exclusive Rewards Program, the latest games and the loosest slots – not to mention a 95,000 sq. foot casino…


Some of the cheapest gaming in Vegas is Downtown. This was the original gaming district before the Strip took over.

Binion’s Vegas Gamblin’ Hall

$1 Wheel of Fortune slots offer some of the cheapest gaming in Vegas with the best chance to make money!


There is plenty of gaming & table action off the Vegas Strip… Try the Hard Rock or the Palms!


Casino Boy can tell you that more cheap games Las Vegas reside Downtown than anywhere else in Sin City! These affordable Las Vegas casinos don’t host a lot of famous celebrities or high-rolling gamblers looking to spend their millions. They cater more to folks like us, Cheapos who love to win more money than they spend. They also cater to locals. Lots of locals.

  • El Cortez Vegas: For 60 years, El Cortez has provided cheap gaming Las Vegaswith $5 Pai Gow, mini baccarat, and, our favorite: $3 Vegas blackjack that still pays 3:2. The 10x odds on Craps at El Cortez are a great deal. If you’re feeling a bit braver, check out the quarter roulette wheels.
  • Plaza Las Vegas: $3 craps and $3-$5 :as Vegas blackjack tables. Sign up for the slot club (for FREE) and get $5 in slot play! We love free gamblin’ money.


Off- Strip cheap games Las Vegas are not as classy and sophisticated at the Las Vegas Strip casinos, but the service is usually just as good, and you’re not going to be judged when you don’t show up with thousands of dollars to gamble away. Cozy on up to the slot machine for the night and play all the cheap games Las Vegas has to offer.

  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur: Go here at slow times for a $2 craps minimum. Cheap gaming Las Vegas is all about low limits throughout the casino, not just on the craps table though, and they’ve got good deals everywhere. You’ll discover $4 blackjack$10 Pai Gow, and dollar roulette with a $4 minimum, and the comps here are pretty decent if you join the A.C.E. Slot Club.
  • Eastside Cannery Casino: It’s no joke – Eastside Cannery has been known to have $5 Las Vegas blackjack and craps with up to 100x odds. Of course, the casino was almost empty, so that probably had something to do with it. Yep, this is cheap gaming Las Vegas at it’s finest. Roulette had 50-cent chips and a $2 minimum.

Casino Boy knows that cheap gaming Las Vegas is pretty crucial for all the beginners out there. If you gambled away all your savings like a big shot yesterday, cheap gaming may be the only way to gain least something to get your dignity back. The dollar chips shown below are for you, not for the casino. So places with just one measly chip have high table limits, while places with five are Casino Boy’s favorite places to play Las Vegas blackjack, enjoy loose Vegas slots and roll the dice on Las Vegas roulette tables so you can gamble all night on a Cheapo budget.

We know why you’re here. You the kind of person that doesn’t shower on vacation and takes the free soap and shampoo home for when you really need it. Or maybe you just raid the housekeeping carts for extras to stuff in your carry-on. You probably take everything in your room that isn’t nailed down, and argue with anyone who tries to charge you a parking fee or a resort fee for a plain ol’ regular hotel. You’re here because you’re a Cheapo, and we’ve got some prime time Cheapo gamblin’ for you.

Yep, there are tons of cheap games Las Vegas has nestled about. The casinos are full of slots and such that you won’t have to spend a bunch of moolah on, but there is also low limit craps and black jack and every other game you think you can try you luck at. Cheap games Las Vegas are all over the place, on the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown, Off-Strip, and even far out where no one really goes except for the locals and people who think staying 30 minutes away from anything else won’t be as bad as it really is.

Cheap Games Las Vegas may be all over the place, out favorite Cheapo gaming is Downtown and Off-Strip. These places cater to Cheapos like us and they really know what it takes to make us happy. Lots of cheap Vegas games to choose from depending on exactly what you’re looking for. We know the best low limits in the land, so come on out and see if you agree. Maybe we’ll see you on the floor.

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